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About Tonoloop Networks Inc.

Bringing the best of Japan to the world

Tonoloop Networks, Inc. works with local government, corporations, organizations and individuals, to help bring the very best of Japan to the world.

See a selection Tonoloop Network's works here.

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Tom Vincent


  Tom runs Tonoloop Networks from a 240-year-old traditional merchant’s house in a small town called Hino, in Shiga Prefecture, central Japan. The company helps both government agencies and private corporations with strategy, promotion and branding projects as well as producing films, articles and other creative solutions. 

  Tom is fluent in Japanese.

  Tom was born in London in 1967. He lived between California, the UK and Japan for six years between 1989 and 1995, and moved to Japan permanently in 1996.

  In 1997 he became the international editor-in-chief of art magazine NMP, Japan’s first major online publication. He created one of the world’s first-ever online museums specifically for internet-based artworks, “c-ship”, as well as joining the pioneering media art project “Sensorium”. 

  In 1999 he became a company director of Japanese web design company Image Source, where he worked on major web projects for clients including Sony, FujiFilm, IBM, Swatch and many others. His team gathered up many awards during that time, including the One Show, Cannes Cyber Lions, New York Advertising Awards, Webbies etc.

  In 2009 Tom founded Tonoloop Networks to help bring the best of Japan to the world. Since then his clients have included Nissan Motor Company, Nippon TV, Kirin Beer, The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, NHK World, The Japan Times, The National Association of Towns and Villages, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, The Canada Centre for Architecture, Fukushima Prefecture, and many more. He has been involved in numerous regional development and promotion projects across Japan. Tom is also on the “Cool Japan” advisory board to the Japanese Cabinet Office.

  Tom has produced multiple documentary films. Among others these include ‘Ubusuna’, an on-going series of feature-length documentaries on the last, hidden remnants of Japan’s ancient beliefs and lifestyles. And in 2017 he produced a short documentary on the history of soy sauce in Japan, which was picked up by National Geographic and currently has over 2 million views and 24,000 likes on YouTube. He has also presented several Japanese TV documentaries, including “This is my path” for BS11 in 2015, and “AIZU 150” for the History Channel in 2018.

  In 2020 Tom founded publishing imprint “Ari & Kinoko Books” to translate and publish Japanese fairy-tales in English.

  Tom is also a founding member and company director of local craft beer company, Hino Brewing.

  Tom is Cornish.

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